About us



PATVIV HEALTHCARE COMPANY LIMITED, aims to promote a health care center that specializes on Adolescent, Family and Reproductive  health/behaviors in Nigeria. Dr. Mrs Dumebi Nwosu, the Founder/Medical Director, Started the organization in 2010, after she completed a course on Reproductive and Family Health in the University College hospital (U.C.H) Ibadan. The desire to fight diseases that women take for granted and other health issues  facing women, the girl child and families in our environment  was a motivating factor to Dr. Mrs Dumebi Nwosu when she established.

Testimony of The Vision Carrier

Dr. Dumebi was always going to market places, churches, schools, women groups, town meetings  creating awareness on reproductive and family health issues that concerns women and the girl child, like cancers, STDs , rape and other health related issues . At first it was not an easy task because she had to do it all alone but with time and the responses she got from concerned individuals, she mustered courage to continue with the vision and today she has  a registered and functioning health care company that proffers solution  to the needs of women and the girl child in our society.
As a medical doctor it is professional to feel responsible for caring for people’s health, more to this is the fact that she had lost 3 of her family members to cancer, her mother, her aunt and her cousin. This  experience was a challenging one for her ,hence the burning desire to find a lasting solution to the chronic  diseases (Cancer)  that takes the life of those we love and care about, gave birth to the idea of creating awareness on reproductive and family health issues,  providing sustainable health programs and preventive approaches  / measures towards alleviating the diseases concerned.


We had a lot of challenges, among these is gender issues where women could not open up to male doctors and health workers, this prompted  the establishment of the “woman to woman”clinic, an Initiative that specifically attend to the rising need to alleviate the health issues that women faces in our society and to continue, to promote the health of the Girl Child and the Woman. Secondly the issue of Gender can be addressed, then women can be free and comfortable with our female doctors and female health workers for examination ,preventive care and treatment.
Adolescent and Reproductive health issues in women in this part of the world, has claimed a lot of life and  is still claiming lives so with our health programs such as;
Woman to Woman Clinic, School Health Programs, Health Talks, Screening Exercise, Training, Vaccination.  We aim to reduce the risk of having our loved  ones die of  Cancer, STD s and other health related issues in women,  the girl child and the family at large.

Aims and Objectives

1) To provide a sustainable health program for women and the girl child
2) To provide a heart to heart center for counseling  women, the girl child and the general public on  health issue.
3) To provide a regular and accessible screening exercise to monitor the health of women and the  girl child
4) To create awareness on reproductive and family health issues concerning women and girl child
5)  To support the fight against:

  • Cancer
  • STDs
  • Rape
  • low self-esteem
  • Teenage Pregnancy and its complications and Abortion
  • Infertility
  • Hepatitis,
  • Menopause
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Health related issues in women and girl child.

Vision Statement

To improve safety and health of the woman and the girl child and decrease the rate of illness and deaths associated with preventable diseases.

Mission Statement

To engage in continuous discovery through research, promote public awareness, train and educate the girl child/woman, community based service, partnering with NGOs.


Core Values

Transparency, Passionate , Professionalism , Quality Care , Efficient , Hard Working , Empowering , Innovative , Inspiring Community Based , Trust Worthy , Sustainability.