Zero Radiation Breast Screening – Breastlight!

Breastlight is a simple hand health tool used to exam the breast in a dark room. It has no radiation side effect and can be used by all women irrespective of their ages and colour. It passes through all breast density. It is handy and very easy to use.


With Breastlight, you can see what you hand cannot feel. It enables you to detect tumor at a very early stage of growth.


Breastlight was developed and manufactured in the UK by the PWB Health, the Breastlight has been extensively tested in Well Woman clinics, universities and by individual users at home. Breastlight is a Class 1 Medical Device and is registered with the MHRA, the UK healthcare products regulator. Use of the Breastlight is entirely harmless and side-effects free.


You can get screen using this machine or get a copy of the self-use in our office


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