Do You Know Anyone With Sickle Cell Anemia?


Most complications of sickle cell anemia are treated by physicians as they unfold. These conventional treatment are given without much aid or relief to the sickle cell patients. They include pain-relieving medications, antibiotics, blood transfusions, vitamins, other medications and sometimes, surgery. Despite these, the patient in most cases does not get any better, sadly!


DIOSCOVITE puts an end to this trauma.


This is an organic anti sickling supplement that oxygenate the red blood cell of the sickle cell patient making for free flow of blood in their blood vessels thus ending the crisis of pain, leg ulcers, hospitalization and amongst others.


With it use in the USA and other countries of the world for the past three decades there are no record of side effects with Dioscovite. It is very affordable.


Daily Nutritional Dioscovite is the world leader for Sickle Cell control. It is certified by National Agency for Food ?& Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC), the International Support Group, USA amongst others.



1/2 – 3 years: 0.5ml Once Daily

4 – 8 years: 1.0ml Once Daily

9 – 18 years: 1.5ml Once Daily

19 years & over: 2.0ml Once Daily


Double Dose: Only when in painful crises.


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