Dioscovite – Help for Sickle Cell Patients!

Daily nutritional Dioscovite is the world leader for Sickle Cell control. It is produced in the United States of America by a Nigerian professor based in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA.

Dioscovite is an organic medication that has been in use in the USA for over a decade. It helps the sickle cell patient recover from their crises and to live a normal healthy life. The component of this supplement converts the ‘C’ or ‘S’ shaped hemoglobin of the sickle cell patient to the normal oval shape therefore making them have a free flow in their blood vessels and good oxygen circulation.


Thus with Dioscovite there are:

No more pain,

No more crises,

No more hospitalization,

No shortage of lifespan,

No more leg ulcer etc.


Patviv Healthcare is the distributor of the Dioscovite product in Nigeria.



Your health is our concern!



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