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Woman to Woman Clinic

We give women what they want – respect, caring, competence, and plenty of time – because all these years we’ve been an advocate for good health and education for the girl child. You will be treated as an individual and supported in every way no matter your situation.

General Outpatient Clinic

It is designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment but do not need a bed to be admitted for overnight care. Modern outpatient departments offer a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and minor surgical procedures.

School Health Programs

We are advocates to schools, institutions and other groups on divers medical and health matters as relating to career, personal health and also ethics.

Sales of Medical Consumables

We sell medical equipment, mini apparatus, tools and disposables

Medical/Healths Talks & Tips

We give health talks, tip, create many awarenesss campaigns and also counsel on best practices for health practices.

Screening Exercise and Training

We engage in Continuous Medical Education for the communities, Screening exercise for any medical cases trainings.

Meet our Team

* Dedicated * Prompt * Caring * Experienced * Accessible * Affordable * Relational * Smart

Dr.Blessing Izuchukwu

Dr. B, Dynamic and strong with vast experience in Optometry. Dr. B is relational and also a community project driven person.

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Dr. Dumeobi Nwosu

Dr. Mrs Dumebi Nwosu is the Founder/Medical Director of PATVIV HEALTHCARE COMPANY LIMITED.

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Dr. Chikodi Onyempka

Dr. Chikodi Onyempka, from the college of medicine, in the University of Nigeria (UNN) in 1987 with an MBBS degree.

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Pastor Azeez Lawal

Dynamic Pastor Azeez is the IT/Business Development Manager with a innovative touch for excellence.

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Latest information on Health and Medical

Health News that are * Relevant * Updated * Educative * Current * Reliable * Supportive


Hepatitis is inflammatory condition of the liver commonly caused by a viral infection. The liver is  largest internal organ, sitting…

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DEFINITION This is simply pain during menstruation; it could be severe or mild. It is menstrual pain that’s not a…

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We are Offering Reliable Services

We offer the following services which are * Woman to Woman Clinic * General Outpatient * School Health Programs * Health Tips & Talks * Screening Exercise * Training * Vaccination * Sales of Medical Disposables * Sales of Food supplements.

Woman to woman Clinic
Screening Exercises
School Health Programs
Woman to woman Clinic

Woman to Woman Clinic:- This is an initiative created to resolve the gender issues that occur among patient and Male Doctors.During our research and process of development we realize that women where more free with female Doctors…

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Screening Exercises

This services is basically for: Breast Virginal test HIV Malaria Typhoid Hepatitis Blood Sugar High Blood Pressure

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School Health Programs

One of the major challenges we encountered during our research survey was that majority of our teenagers were having sexual and health related issues they could not share with their parents and guidance at home, during our…

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What patients say About Patviv Healthcare Clinic

We are Transparency, Passionate, Professional, Quality Care, Efficient , Hard Working , Empowering , Innovative , Inspiring, Community Based , Trust Worthy and believes in Sustainability.

  • So nice partnering with you.

  • Qualified staffs, nice reception via excellent customer services and good services rendered. Patviv healthcare clinic offers very sound medical service and reliable medical products.

  • Great team of medical expert committed to caring for mankind health. Always on the lead in providing mobile medical services to clients